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Some people might call it running away from your problems. I’d like to see it more as physically creating a substantial amount of distance between you and the cause of insanity. The only thing about this is that it eventually catches up to you regardless of the constant change of setup. I emphasize on the term eventually.. which only means you are just buying time until u trip over the same route again. soon you begin to realize the debt of time and in a frantic effort to escape again, the search of a new sanctuary begins.

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"Two people
Together forever
Security in life
And someone ta love ya
Instead of bein’ all alone
Such a lonely existence!
I’d kill myself”

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You have a fear of being stagnant. Do not  confuse it for solitude.To be in a position of absolute stangnace and live a life of repetitive am-to-pm-to-am which isn’t so different from the boring act of a trickster who keeps repeating the same tedious performance over and over again. - A

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A new perspective

Most of actions and choices made, heavily relies on the fact that they have to reason with the harsh realities of the current world they happen to reside in.. so that one can pursue their true passion for creativity alongside the tempermental demands of everyday life.

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